Festival dates in Moscow: December 30, 2020 - January 10, 2021
Registration for participation in Moscow: until December 28, 2020 inclusive

Topic: Christmas and New Year mood.


Painting contest
1) Portrait
2) Landscape
3) Still life
4) Thematic picture / Storytelling picture
5) Vanguard
6) Abstraction
7) Synthesis of genres
Graphic contest
1) Academic graphics
2) Illustration
3) Genre graphics
4) Digital graphics
5) Folk graphics
Sculpture contest
1) Easel sculpture
2) Sculptural composition
3) Relief
4) Installation and experimental sculptural forms
Photography contest
1) Character
2) Reporting
3) Advertising photo
4) Group portrait
5) Subject portrait
6) New Year's art photo

Decorative and applied arts contest
1) Murals
2) Ceramics
3) Decorative panel
4) Decorative sculpture
5) New Year's souvenirs
6) Dolls and toys
Textile contest
1) Embroidery, lace and knitting
3) Felting and weaving
4) Batik
5) Textile painting and panels (not batik)
6) Textile in a suit
7) Textile graphics and prints
Animation contest
1) Drawn animation
2) Computer animation
3) 3D puppet animation
New Year's miracle, magical lights and unforgettable emotions - every year we look forward to a winter fairy tale, and artists are happy to realize the most beautiful moments of the Christmas Spirit and New Year.
Art Christmas is a project that brings together the best creations of masters of New Year themes.
Dive into the atmosphere of celebration and creativity with us!